Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mae West: Spooky Arizona

MAE WEST slept in Phoenix, Arizona — — in a landmark where an unquiet soul seems to roam the corridors.
• • Though the Hotel San Carlos has hosted many famous names including Mae West, Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, and Clark Gable, its most notorious guest is the one said to still be residing at the hotel — — though she died more than 80 years ago. Leone Jensen was an actress who leapt from the rooftop in 1928 and guests have reported a woman's shape floating through the hallway and up the stairs that lead to the roof.
• • Built in 1928, it is a recognized Historic Hotel of America. Before the hotel was built, however, the land was the site of Phoenix's first elementary school, which might explain why guests report hearing children laughing and bouncing a ball in the basement. The hotel also receives complaints about kids making too much noise, even when no children are at the property. There have also been reports of sinks turning themselves on and off, doors opening or closing for no apparent reason, and furniture moving when nobody is inside of a room.
• • During weekends in October, November, and December the hotel conducts ghost tours for hotel guests and non guests that gives special access to parts of the hotel that are typically closed to the public.
• • Where: Hotel San Carlos, 202 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ, 85004.
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Mae West.

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