Monday, October 25, 2010

Mae West: Broken Dolly

MAE WEST was cast as La Petite Daffy in the hit musical "A Winsome Widow" — — which was onstage from April — September of 1912 at the Moulin Rouge. One of her notorious cast mates now steps into the spotlight on her birthdate.
• • A native of Budapest, Hungary, Yansci Deutsch [stage name Jennie Dolly] was a twin and half of "The Dolly Sisters" stage act. Born in the month of October — — on 25 October 1892 — — Jennie wound up in the same Broadway production as Mae.
• • The private life of Rozsika Dolly and her twin turned out to be tabloid fodder. They shared lovers, won a fortune gambling, and bought extraordinary diamonds and pearl adornments, all of which made gawky headlines.
• • This frisky lifestyle turned sad in 1933. Jennie was involved in a serious car crash near Bordeaux, France with her former lover Max Constant. It took six weeks and fifteen painful surgeries and the sale of most her jewelry to restore her to some semblance of her former beauty. Ultimately, she felt she was "a broken shell" even though she made her second trip to the altar with Bernard Vinissky (marriage in 1935; divorce in 1940).
• • Lovely Jennie Dolly took her own life in June 1941. She committed suicide by hanging herself in the shower of her apartment in the Shelton Hotel in Hollywood, California. Yikes.
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