Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Mae West, Oh, Shoot!

Another New York City building has claimed MAE WEST as a former inhabitant — — though we have never heard of her living at this address. Typically, the article is hazy on specifics such as what year she was in residence or what floor she lived on. If she really lived (stayed) here, there ought to be some details preserved in writing, no?
• • According to The New York Post columnist Steve Cuozzo, the next big Manhattan hotel to go on the market will be the giant Park Central at 870 Seventh Avenue. Located between West 55th and West 56th Streets near Central Park, the generously appointed inn has nearly 1,000 rooms.
• • Steve Cuozzo notes that the 1920s-vintage Park Central, which recently underwent a $65 million renovation, has had a colorful history under several different names. Residents have included Mae West, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Jackie Gleason, while he was making "The Honeymooners," his popular TV series. Mobsters Arnold Rothstein [1882 — 1928] and Albert Anastasia [1902 — 1957] were assassinated there.
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Mae West.

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