Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mae West: Mr. Eddie

MAE WEST worked with energetic vaudevillian Eddie Cantor — — who left his fans during October.
• • Born on the Lower East Side on 31 January 1892, Eddie Cantor was a native New Yorker who launched his career as an actor, a singer, a songwriter, and who became one of the most popular entertainers in the USA in the early and middle 20th century. He was known to Broadway, radio, and early TV audiences as "Banjo Eyes" and "the Apostle of Pep." Cantor was regarded by millions as "a member of the family" because of his intimate radio shows that involved anecdotes and antics about his wife Ida and their five daughters.
• • Stages where Mae and Eddie Cantor both performed in New York City include the Paramount (the one in Manhattan as well as the Brooklyn venue), The Palace, Hammerstein's Victoria, and many places in Coney Island.
• • On 20 January 1934, Eddie Cantor was the M.C. during a stage show at the Paramount Theatre (Broadway and West 43rd Street). In one number, he appeared in a Mae West costume. Yes, this actually happened onstage, so try to imagine it.
• • On 22 January 1934, both Mae West and Eddie Cantor entertained at the New Amsterdam Theatre [214 West 42nd Street] — — at the 52nd annual benefit for the Actors' Fund.
• • Eddie Cantor died at the age of 72 in the month of October — — on 10 October 1964. He is being remembered this month as a hard-working performer, a humanitarian, a native New Yorker, and an old trouper whose artistry Mae West enjoyed.
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