Friday, October 29, 2010

Mae West: Big Boy

For her cleverness alone, MAE WEST deserves to be number one, applauds Daily Venus Diva [or DVD] in an annotated feature "Movies Starring Plus Size Women" posted for their online readership on 29 October 2010.
• • Discussing "She Done Him Wrong," DVD heartily appreciates the movie queen: "Mae West, the original zaftig superstar, stole the show in this early talkie that she adapted from a racy hit play she had written called Diamond Lil" — — and the editors also salute a number of generously upholstered screen stars. Read more at about curvy cuties.
• • Big Girls and a Big Boy • •
• • It was during October 1924 that Mae West attached herself to the subversive song sheet for "Big Boy," a run-away hit by the lyricist Jack Yellen [1892 — 1991] and the composer Milton Ager who was born in October [6 October 1893], a few months after Mae. "Big Boy," with explicit lyrics about a darktown sheik who drives both pale and brown-skinned women wild in bed, was offered by Advanced Music Corp. on a song sheet disguised with artwork depicting a jaunty white male.
• • When the Wolverines recorded "Big Boy" in October 1924, this number had already become hugely popular.

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