Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mae West: 12 October 1964

MAE WEST cherished immutability.
• • Charles Darwin may have challenged the fixity of species, however, Mae made up her mind that she would only play characters who were in their twenties
— — women who were sexy, ambitious, sought after, in control, and decorated with diamonds.
• • The autumn of 1964 brought Mae face to face with her fears: mortality and mutability.
• • Though Mae had taken good care of her health, shortly after her 71st birthday she was hospitalized and her ailments were scrutinized. The diagnosis was diabetes.
• • As Mae was quietly convalescing at home, with Paul Novak at her side, she received the worst news. Her beloved brother John Edwin West, 64, had a massive heart attack.
• • As he matured, her kid brother's career had stalled. More than once, he had turned to his movie-queen sister for assistance. But Mae also remembered how much she had counted on John's unfailing loyalty during her court trials. In 1930, for instance, when the
Pleasure Man court trial had bankrupted her, and she was too upset to seek work, John supported his two unemployed sisters and set up a nice household for the three of them in an apartment building on West 57th Street (across the street from Carnegie Hall).
• • Born on 11 February 1900, John Edwin West died during October
— — on 12 October 1964. Mae made arrangements for his body to be sent back to Brooklyn to the family crypt.
• • Two weeks later, Mae
— — who hated to think about death — — made a Will.
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• • Photo: • • Mae West • • with her brother and sister during the 1930 trial • •
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Mae West.

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