Thursday, October 07, 2010

Mae West: Dandy Andy

Two gentlemen, linked to MAE WEST and motion pictures, share a date in the month of October — — namely the 7th of October.
• • Born in Flagstaff, Arizona, Andy Devine [7 October 1905 — 18 February 1977] had a long career on the silver screen and on TV as a character actor and comic cowboy sidekick, always known for his distinctive raspy voice. Andy Devine was cast as Coyote Bill in "Myra Breckinridge" [1970] when he was in his mid-60s.
• • Born in Toronto, Canada on 7 October 1929, Graeme Ferguson became a director, producer, cinematographer during his student days.
• • Graeme Ferguson, co-founder of IMAX Corporation and its president from 1970
1990, found his calling via a summer job at the National Film Board in 1950 while studying political science and economics at the University of Toronto.
• • Ferguson was the co-writer (and co-producer with Saul J. Turell) of "The Love Goddesses" [1965], which featured Mae West. Two years earlier, he was the screenwriter, director, and producer of "The Legend of Rudolph Valentino" [1963], an actor Mae especially admired.
• • Graeme Ferguson is 81 years old today and we wish him well.
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