Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mae West: Burlesque

MAE WEST must surely be smiling about the new assemblage about to be released on Monday, 22 November 2010. RCA Records has chosen that date to debut "Burlesque" — — which is the soundtrack to the Sony Pictures motion picture "Burlesque," starring Christina Aguilera, Cher, and Julianne Hough.
• • Instead of recalling that the Brooklyn bombshell slipped away from our embrace on 22 November 1980, this year uncorks old wine in new bottles. Aguilera does a remake of a Mae West classic "A Guy What Takes His time" as well as as Etta James's "Something's Got A Hold On Me" and "Tough Lover"; new recordings performed and co-written by Aguilera will be seamed into more familiar material.
• • On 24 November 2010 the motion picture "Burlesque" will bump and grind through a robust premiere.
• • Mae worked in burlesque, an entertainment form that's lately come back in style.
• • Inspired by a real-life historical figure . . . • •
• • The Victoria Times Colonist in Victoria, Canada reported that "The Cursed Cabaret of Kelowna Day Taylor," an audience participation stage show, continues through 31 October 2010.
• • According to Times Colonist columnist Adrian Chamberlain: The musical is about a corporate fundraiser haunted by the ghost of a speakeasy queen, Kelowna Day Taylor. Playwright Karen Lee Pickett, who wrote the book and lyrics, says the character is inspired by a real-life historical figure: Texas Guinan. She was a silent film actress who famously ran a New York City nightclub during Prohibition. She died in Vancouver in 1933. The larger-than-life Guinan was portrayed in several movies, including "Splendor in the Grass" [1961] and the 1932 film "Night After Night," with Mae West playing a Guinan-like character.
• • "Night After Night" premiered on 30 October 1932 and launched the cinema success of Mae West seventy-eight years ago.
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