Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mae West: Presidential

MAE WEST has Irish heritage so she would not have minded that an Irish newspaper predicted which man she would have voted for — — even though the columnist got it all wrong. A confirmed leftie, Mae even wrote fervent letters of support on behalf of the socialist Eugene V. Debs, therefore, I sincerely doubt the Empress of Sex would have marched to the tune of John McCain.
• • K. Myers wrote: Moving on to film, Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart are easy: volunteers with the USAAF when they could easily have dodged combat, both would be McCain men. Gary Cooper, McCain also. Mae West, a McCain girl (but break the news to him gently: John, you're probably not the first). John Ford, McCain. That despicable, draft-dodging fraud, John Wayne, likewise. And Hollywood today? A sanctimonious, superstitious, witless, babbling shower of either sex, who, far from peeing in the shower, only pass their perfumed water into certain Scientologist-designed, Kabbala-approved, astrologically aligned and personally tailored receptacles.
• • K. Myers wrote: In the US, Mark Twain, with his unflinchingly pro-American views, is a modern Republican. Emerson and Longfellow, the same. Frost, I'd say, is an Obama man. Likewise, the anglophile TS Eliot. ...
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• • Article: "If the shower theory is right, then McCain's home and dry"
• • Byline: K. Myers — —
• • Published in: The Independent [Ireland]
• • Published on: 28 August 2008

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Mae West.

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