Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mae West: Criswell

During her live stage show (featuring a dozen bodybuilders), MAE WEST would sing "Criswell Predicts [and It's Gonna Come True]." Well, who goes to Las Vegas seeking the truth?
• • Now and then a prediction by Charles Jared Criswell
(a.k.a. Jeron Criswell King) — — known by the single name Criswell — — would be accurate. For instance, he stated in 1963 that something would happen to President John F. Kennedy in November of that year that would prevent him from running for re-election.
• • More often his forecasts sounded outrageous such as his announcement that his friend Mae West would win a presidential election in the United States and land on the moon with Criswell and George Liberace (the pianist's brother).
• • A syndicated columnist, radio, and TV personality, Criswell was born in August — — 18 August 1907 in Princeton, Indiana and became intrigued by the media while working for a local newspaper as a teen.
• • By 1965, Criswell was a regular guest on The Tonight Show (with both Jack Paar and Johnny Carson) making his silly predictions.
• • He died at age 75 on 4 October 1982.

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Mae West.

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