Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mae West: Polyurethane

MAE WEST as lawn furniture?
• • Lucia van der Post writes in the London Times: Just as much fun is the Dalilips sofa by Spanish company BD (Barcelona Design), which takes Salvador Dali’s famous red-lip sofa and reproduces it in plastic for the great outdoors. The idea came from Dali’s 1936 painting of Mae West, in which he imagined the screen goddess’s face as a room in which her blonde tresses were the curtains, her nose a fireplace, her come-to-bed eyes paintings, and her luscious lips a sofa.
• • The great French furniture designer Jean-Michel Frank was the first to turn this fantasy into reality, and Spanish designer Oscar Tusquets had the notion of turning it out in pink polyurethane foam in 1972. It now comes in a more durable spin-molded polyurethane and costs £1,610 from Chaplins (020-8421 1779; www.chaplins.co.uk).
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• • Column: "Scenes from domestic life"
• • Byline: Lucia van der Post
• • Published by: The Times [UK]
• • Published on: 19 July 2008
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Mae West.

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