Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mae West: Smoky

Is smoking back in vogue — — and is MAE WEST to blame?
• • Writing from Oklahoma, Cassie Rhea Little considers the lure of demon tobacco. She envisions Audrey Hepburn, gazing into Tiffany’s window, a dramatically long cigarette holder in hand. As Hepburn moves "through the famous 1961 film, she leaves a trace of smoke wherever she goes."
• • She adds: "Now let's think about women like Edie Sedgwick, Mae West, and Marilyn Monroe. They were all icons ... and all smokers. The bottom line — — smoking is sexy, and it always has been," according to Miss Little.
• • Here's her most dangerous admission — — and it has nothing to do with Mae West. Little explains: "As for myself, a girl who has only smoked a handful of cigs in her life, I know I feel significantly cooler when I smoke. Make fun of me for feeling that way, but I know you do, too. What really gives me the urge to light up, however, is the fact that smoking has recently shown up on the runway. . . ."
— — Excerpt:: — —
• • Op-Ed column: "Is Smoking Sexy?"
• • Byline: Cassie Rhea Little
• • Published in: The Oklahoma Daily — —
• • Published on: Thursday — — 28 August 2008
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• • Photo:
• • Mae West • • 1928
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Mae West.

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