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Mae West: Mario Fratti Says ...

MAE WEST shared a sheet (of paper) with Mario Fratti recently, who admired the recent production of "Courting Mae West" that was staged as part of the 6th Annual Fresh Fruit Festival.
• • Teatro — — Broadway & Dintorni
• • New York e tutta un festival
• • di Mario Fratti
• • "D'estate si hanno numerosi festival di nuovo teatro," writes the America Oggi columnist and Tony-Award winning playwright. . . . Partecipazione italo-americana al Festival Algonquin Fresh Fruit [123 East 24th Street, New York, NY 10010] e stata la presentazione di una nuova versione di "Courting Mae West" della poetessa e giornalista LindaAnn Loschiavo. Molte rivelazioni sulla formidabile personalita della West (la convincente Yvonne Sayers). L' audace difesa dei suoi testi a delle sue interpretazioni, la censura, gli arresti, il tribunale. E' aiutata da attori validi . . . ."
• • Here is an English translation of his article:
• • Theatre — — Broadway & Elsewhere
• • New York is full of festivals
• • by Mario Fratti
• • Summer offers numerous festivals of new theatrical productions. . . . Italian-American participation in the Annual Fresh Fruit Festival [Algonquin Theatre, 123 East 24th Street] included the presentation of an all new version of "Courting Mae West" by the poet and journalist LindaAnn Loschiavo. There are many insightful revelations into the formidable character of Miss West (convincingly portrayed by Yvonne Sayers). Mae West mounts her audacious defense and rebuttal to the police witnesses who have interpreted her plays as indecent, and she is shown dealing with censorship, her arrests, and her courtroom trials. Yvonne Sayers is surrounded by an able cast: the journalist Mario (Jason Emanuel); Beverly West (Sarah Kanter Emanuel); news vendor Declan Rourke and his daughter Eliza Rourke (Steven Viola and the very enjoyable Mary Murphy); the elegant Gloria M. Buccino (in multiple roles). Well directed by Louis Lopardi.
• • In the same festival there is also "Sapphire's Kiss" by Maggie Zarillo and . . .
— — Source: — —
• • Column: "Teatro — — Broadway & Dintorni"
• • Byline: Mario Fratti
• • Published by: America Oggi
• • Published: during July 2008
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• • MARIO FRATTI, professor emeritus of Italian literature at Hunter College, is an internationally acclaimed playwright and drama critic.
• • Author of such works as Suicide, The Cage, The Return, The Academy, Mafia, Races, and The Bridge, he is best known for his musical Nine (inspired by Fellini's famous film, 8 1/2) which in its original production in 1982 won the O'Neill Award, the Richard Rodgers Award, two Outer Critics Circle Awards, eight Drama Desk Awards, five Tony Awards, and in 2000 was a recipient of the Otto Award for Political Theater.
• •
In its 2003 revival, Nine won three Outer Critics Circle Awards and two Tony Awards.
• • Come up and see Mae every day online:

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Mae West.

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