Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mae West: West Cafe in Williamsburg

In honor of MAE WEST, indie filmmaker Esther Bell will launch a Brooklyn coffeehouse next month [August 2010] — — West Café — — on Union Avenue near Ainslie Street, in Williamsburg where tapas, pastries, wine, and beer will be served. The talented Ms. Bell, who has a red carpet resume that includes documentaries for Current TV and IFC, HBO TV episodes, and some feature films, and who knows about good timing, has scheduled her grand opening to coincide with the movie queen's 117th birthday on August 17th.
• • Though the West family hung their hats at a few addresses in Brooklyn, they never never ever ever lived on Berry Street — — though one Kings County eatery falsely claims that Mae once lived upstairs — — so it's quite refreshing to hear that Esther Bell is a truthful person who is not trying to create more "address distress" by saying that Mae West was once a resident of Ainslie Street or of Union Avenue. [Nope, Esther didn't — — and Mae wasn't.]
• • Berry Street residents have been lying for years. Hmmmm. Oh, well, if you don't know that baby Mary Jane West was delivered at home by a midwife in Bushwick, then you need to read more — — and we do not need to hear about meaningless menus that misrepresent the facts to customers, thanks a berry bunch.
• • The New York Post picked up Aaron Short's delightful interview with the tyro restaurateur, a bite-size portion of which is below.
• • Aaron Short wrote: Independent filmmaker Esther Bell is hanging up her film reels to open West Café, a Williamsburg café named in honor of Brooklyn’s vaudevillian icon Mae West.
• • Aaron Short explained: When it opens in August, the restaurant, located on Union Avenue near Ainslie Street, will serve coffee and pastries, as well as host an even more delicious salon-style discussion series, hosted by many of Bell’s famous friends — — accumulated from two decades of working in the city’s film and television industry. ...
• • Aaron Short noted: Bell, a 15-year Williamsburg resident, is naming the bar after another North Brooklyn product — — her film hero, Mae West. Some sources claim the sultry silver screen star was born in an apartment over the Berry Street restaurant Teddy’s [sic] — — and she lived in Greenpoint and Williamsburg before making it big (both in film and in person).
• • “I’ll have an homage to her that embodies the period she’s from and her spirit,” Esther Bell informed Aaron Short. “She’s one of the first artistic pioneers in our neighborhood.” . . .
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• • Article: "Go West, artsy Brooklynites! — — Mae West inspires new film industry cafe"
• • Byline: Aaron Short | Courier-Life | Email:
• • Published in: The New York Post — —
• • Published on: 14 July 2010

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  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    howdy, thanks for setting the record straight about the
    erroneous teddy's birth spot of Mae.. I've read several books and everybody claims a different their a definitive address.?

    The NY post article got a lot of things wrong even my name ..but thanks for posting it and I hope to track down some West collectables or least more fans like yourself

    thanks, Esther