Thursday, July 01, 2010

Mae West: 1 July 1934

MAE WEST perhaps sighed back on 1 July 1934. That was the date that the censorship of the Production Code began to be seriously and meticulously enforced, and her new screenplays would be heavily edited. The word "hatchet" comes to mind when reflecting back on the reign of the Hitler of Hollywood. Nevertheless, one of her classic comedies will be screened in the southwest region of the United States in September 2010 by Frank Cullen at the Guild Cinema.
• • Mae West at the "Golden Age of Comedy Festival" • •
• • Frank Cullen, the nation’s foremost vaudeville authority, was one of three writers who put together an enormous two-volume text — — "Vaudeville, Old and New: An Encyclopedia of Variety Performers in America" (Routledge, 1,350 pages). His current project is reviving the public's interest in a bygone cinematic era.
• • From June 27th — 30th, 2010, he helped choose the films for the "Golden Age of Comedy Festival" in Albuquerque, working in conjunction with Guild Cinema proprietor Keif Henley.
• • The festival’s second set of films — — “When Comedy Was King in Hollywood” — — is scheduled to screen in September 2010, and will include a number of great comedies starring such recognizable names as Mae West, W.C. Fields, and Laurel and Hardy.
• • WHERE: Guild Cinema, 3405 Central Avenue NE, Albuquerque, NM; (505) 255-1848.
• • Is that a gun in your pocket — — or is that Mae West? • •
• • According to gun-fancier Franz Misch: Taste is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, and my instant reaction to the decorated Caspian-retro 1911 was "Mae West," . . . [Source: "Mae West as 1911" in American Handgunner Magazine | 01 July 2004 | Misch, Franz | Section: Letters to the Editor]. Can't top that, mister.
• • Where's Mae West When We Need Her? • •
• • Published in the July 2003 issue of Interview was a one-on-one with Camille Paglia, who told interviewer Ingrid Sischy: “When Mae West was pushing the envelope in the 1920s and getting arrested for it, her work was all about innuendo and ambiguity. She had a juicy, luscious, relaxed sexual maturity. She portrayed sexual relations as a warm, forgiving comedy. ...” [Source: "Where's Mae West When We Need Her" in Interview Magazine | July 2003 issue | Sischy, Ingrid].

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