Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mae West: Singapore Sing

While you're sleeping, an Australian teen is dreaming of MAE WEST.
• • Last week, an announcement for a two-day audition in Sydney promised that 150 hopefuls would be hired for a 13-month contract at Universal Studios Singapore.
• • "Be a part of a world-class entertainment team at Universal Studios Singapore in Resorts World Sentosa," the ad read.
• • Talented youngsters waited their turn to perform in front of talent scouts, seated with clipboards on one knee, at North Strathfield’s ED5 International dance studios at 9 George Street. Ingenues raised "down under" turned up fully costumed as Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, and Betty Boop to do their routine and (perhaps) break into show business.
• • Aussie reporter Shireen Khalil
of the Inner West Courier attended and interviewed a few impressionists who made it through to the final round — — such as Mae West impersonator Taylia Collis, 19, from the North Shore.
• • Shireen Khalil wrote: The aspiring performer believes she’s got American actress and sex symbol Mae West’s look down pat. “I guess I’ve got the look and can play up that character pretty well,” Taylia Collis affirmed.
• • Shireen Khalil noted: The 19-year-old, who has been performing most her life, said she was well-prepared for her audition.
• • Taylia Collis told Ms. Khalil: “I think when I went in I did everything I could. My monologue went well, I was very prepared and I got good vibes from the judges. I had to practice Mae's voice a lot because her pitch is a lot lower than mine."
• • Shireen Khalil concluded her article ["Next stop: Singapore studios" — — 25 July 2010, Inner West Courier] with this comment about Taylia: The all-round performer said getting the job would be a dream come true.
• • In three months, Taylia Collis and the other candidates will find out what the judges thought of their impersonations, if they nailed the accents, and if they have the same shape as the character they had chosen to be during the auditions.
• • Universal Studios Singapore will have a tough time selecting the best Mae West. But it's interesting to see the impact that American pop culture and the Brooklyn bombshell have had on Australia and Singapore.

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