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Mae West: George E. Carey

In 1978, George E. Carey was cast in "Sextette" as Dockweiler, an anxious State Department official who needs a favor from Marlo Manners played by MAE WEST. Born in Detroit during the month of July — — on 13 July 1924 — — the bit part player was surrounded by marquee names who were navigating a nettlesome plot.
• • In "Sextette," conjugal bliss is being interminably delayed for the busy bride. Installed at the same hotel is the Sussex Court, occupied with an international conference led by the avuncular American diplomat Chambers (Walter Pidgeon, in his last performance) — — and, wouldn't you know it? One of their delegates is stubborn Soviet ‘Sexy’ Alexei Karansky (Tony Curtis), a former lover of Marlo’s who has refused to vote ‘da’ on a resolution of tremendous importance to world peace.
• • Dockweiler approaches Marlo’s manager Turner (Dom DeLuise) with an urgent plea from Uncle Sam: can his client somehow entice Alexei Karansky into, mmmm, changing his vote? In between trading yearning glances with her handsome groom and fending off former husbands, Marlo now has to consider her duty to The White House and the Secretary of State, for heaven's sake. It's enough to make a lady's bridal lace go limp.
• • According to All Movie Guide writer Sandra Brennan: Supporting actor and producer George Edward Carey appeared on television and in feature films. Fans of the ABC soap opera General Hospital may know him for having played Lamont Corbin. Carey's 30-plus film credits include The Gallant Hours (1960), Sex and the Single Girl (1964), and The Thing With Two Heads (1972). He has produced and written screenplays for two films, Weekend With the Babysitter (1970) and Chrome and Hot Leather (1971). Carey often guest starred on TV and also worked in commercials.
• • On 21 November 1994, George E. Carey died in Palm Springs, California at the age of 70.
• • Wednesday 14 July 2010 at 11:00 AM on WBAI-FM • •
• • Live from New York City, dramatist-journalist LindaAnn Loschiavo will be interviewed by the WBAI Women's Collective along with actress-singer Maggie Worsdale, who performs as Sophie Tucker with The Gaudy Girls. This monthly radio segment, airing on WBAI Radio In NYC every second Wednesday of the month at 11:00 AM, 99.5FM, and streaming live worldwide at wbai.org, can be heard online at the station's web site.
• • Ms. Loschiavo and Ms. Worsdale will discuss the trailblazing careers of Mae West and Sophie Tucker as well as the importance of the Annual Mae West Birthday Tribute every August, now in its sixth year, with veteran broadcast journalist and producer Prairie Miller.
• • Taking Feminist Radio to the next level... The Women's Collective covers the entire spectrum of political, cultural, and intellectual issues crucial to women's lives, from feminism and revolutionary global sisterhood to critical aspects of movement building, the mind, body and yes, men! In the belief that debating and dialogue-ing with men, including our He Said, She Said... online column at Criticalwomen.net, is an essential component of Feminist Radio.
• • BIO: Prairie Miller is a multimedia film journalist. Over the past decade, she has been a producer at WBAI for Talk In The Morning, Soundtrack, Wakeup Call and Reel Women. She is currently film reporter for the Tuesday Afternoon Arts Magazine, and a producer and co-host of the WBAI Women's Collective Show. Prairie has written articles and poems here and internationally, and aspires always to the excavation of the lyrical muse in journalism and the poetry in history. She is also the recipient of the International Writers And Artists Association's Excellence in Journalism Award for her WBAI coverage of Javier Corcuera's film, Back Of The World (La Espalda Del Mundo). The Award is bestowed for "distinguished literary, intellectual, artistic and humanistic contributions." Prairie has two published poetry collections, Legends [John Brown Press], and Arguments With America [Pemmican Press]. She is a member of The Women Film Critics Circle, The Broadcast Film Critics Association and The James Agee Cinema Circle of political film critics worldwide.
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