Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mae West: Covered

Early in 1934, with three screen hits in a row boosting her brand, MAE WEST was fast becoming not just a star but a commodity whose face was guaranteed to sell a soap, a cigarette, a song sheet, or a magazine. Celebrated throughout the United States for "Night After Night" [1932], "She Done Him Wrong," [1933], and "I'm No Angel" [1933], and promoted by Paramount Pictures through black and white stills, posters, and personal appearances, Mae's face and figure began to pop up everywhere.
• • This issue of the humor magazine Ballyhoo juxtaposes Mae's generous eye-candy curves and Garbo's surreal slinkiness depicted in stop sign colors.
• • Ballyhoo first appeared on newsstands during the month of July — — 1 July 1931. Though the word has a few definitions, ballyhoo most commonly means sensational advertising or favorable publicity.
• • Ballyhoo was a humor magazine published by Dell, and created by George T. Delacorte Jr. [20 January 1894 — 4 May 1991]. During its heyday, it had a circulation of over 2 million.
• • From 1931 — 1
939, Ballyhoo was edited by Buffalo-born Norman Hume Anthony [1889 — 1968], who had helmed Judge Magazine and boosted its circulation quickly. Though the Great Depression killed off Ballyhoo along with many other magazines, there were a few attempts to resuscitate the irreverent monthly after World War II, between 1948 and 1954.
• • In common with other magazines of the era, it featured a central section dedicated to one-off cartoons; however, in the surrounding pages it presented spoof ads and articles — — much in the manner later popularized by the satirical spoofer Mad Magazine.
• • Come up and MOUSE me • •
• • In 1928, both Minnie and Mickey Mouse had been created by Walt Disney; six years later the cartoon rodents were becoming their own familiar brand — — though "Minnie" would not be named until the early 1940s. Pennsylvania-born cartoonist James Trembath drew this double page for the centerfold of the February 1934 issue, featuring the female mouse mincing in magnificent millinery as a Mae-wannabe.

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• • Photo: • • Mae West • • in February 1934 Ballyhoo • •
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Mae West.

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