Monday, July 12, 2010

Mae West: Ric Drasin

In 1978, Ric Drasin was cast as an Olympic weightlifter in "Sextette," where he traded quips with MAE WEST in her final screen performance. Born during the month of July — — on 12 July 1944 — — the handsome six-footer is celebrating his 66th birthday today.
• • Hailing from Bakersfield, California, this very versatile gentleman calls himself an artist and actor as well as a stuntman, writer, personal trainer, former bodybuilder, and retired professional wrestler.
• • It was Ric Drasin who designed both the original Gold's Gym logo — — a cartoon sketch of a bald weightlifter — — and the World Gym gorilla logo. Arnold Schwarzenegger was Drasin's weight training partner for four years at the original Gold's Gym in Venice, California.
• • Drasin wrestled professionally for 36 years (1965 — 2001) while also winning titles in amateur bodybuilding contests during his younger years. Though Drasin retired from the ring at age 57, he remains active as a professional wrestling instructor. He is also a Specialist Reserve Officer with the Los Angeles Police Department and a spokesperson for Gold's Gym International; he also continues his work as an artist, actor, and author.
• • On this magazine cover, Ric is on the extreme right. Happy Birthday, tall, dark, and handsome!

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  1. and they say "Only In Hollywood". Wait this is hollywood. very cool, or should I say totally.