Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mae West: Naked Girls Reading

MAE WEST, who inspired the couture designers and editorial stylists behind the scrumptious Harper's Bazaar fashion lay-out this month, has also been tapped for a literary trend mined by several curvy apparel-less burlesque performers. You mean you haven't heard about NGR? Read on.
• • Years ago, a promotional whiz kid developed a high-concept stage show, "Naked Boys Singing." Grooving to a similar vibe, a Chicago photo-journalist Franky Vivid created a get-your-pulses-racing classic with his burlesque queen wife Michelle L’amour, “Naked Girls Reading.” Truthful to their advertising, it is exactly that. Burlesque beauties — — undecorated by G-strings or whimsical pasties, and entirely nude — — take shelter behind a book. Often the delectable stripper-lectors are adorned in eye-popping crowns and blazing headgear, six-inch heels, and a frosting of glitter.
• • According to Paula Citron, writing for Great Britain's Globe and Mail: And it’s an all-star international lineup of naked readers who kick off the five-day, third-annual Toronto Burlesque Festival at the Gladstone Hotel Wednesday night. NGR, in fact, is the newest phenomenon of the phenomenal burlesque revival. ...
• • For the “Independent Women” show, readings included Mae West • •
• • Michelle L’amour told the news media more about NGR as a form of entertainment. L’amour explained: “We hold the series every month at my studio. Each evening has a theme, and each girl selects her own material which can come from fiction, non-fiction, song lyrics, or poetry. For example, for the “Independent Women” show, readings included Mae West, Dorothy Parker, and Coco Chanel. We publish the reading lists on our website.” ...
• • Caveat lector! Naked Girls Reading was at the Gladstone Hotel on Wednesday, 21 July 2010. However, the Toronto Burlesque Festival will continue until 25 July 2010 at various venues.
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• • Literary Festival: "Naked girls reading? Burlesque turns a page — — Books aren’t all that’s on display at a Toronto revival festival"
• • By Paula Citron
• • Published in: The Globe and Mail [UK] — —
• • Published on: Wednesday, 21 July 2010

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