Sunday, March 07, 2010

Mae West: Rock On

MAE WEST spent many hours with many men but not with Oscar. Recapturing favorite Oscar moments — — preserved for posterity thanks to footage on YouTube — — Jaime Weinman lists eight treasured classics in an article "Oscar Moments From Days Gone By" [for Macleans, Canada on 5 March 2010].
• • Jaime Weinman explains why numero uno is this: Here’s one of the most famous/ infamous good-bad Oscar-show musical numbers: at the 1957 awards, an Oscar-winning song from several years earlier was performed by one of Hollywood’s biggest young stars, Rock Hudson, and one of its most famous semi-retirees, Mae West. The weirdness of the combination made the number an instant cult hit; it was a camp classic even before the term “camp” was mainstreamed.
• • We do think that Mae West deserved an Oscar. Only one of her motion pictures was ever nominated for "Best Picture." The actress herself was never nominated and perhaps an invitation to perform that 1957 duet was Hollywood's gentle hat tip to the Brooklyn bombshell who earned so much moolah for Paramount Pictures during the Depression.

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