Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mae West: Bad Girl Fan Club

In a recent interview, indie "It girl" actress Chloë Sevigny [born 18 November 1974] expressed her admiration of MAE WEST.
• • According to a one-on-one with The A.V. Club, the five-foot-eight blonde has had a hankering to step into the bad girl shoes.
• • AVC, Sean O'Neal: A lot of your characters have a very subtle sexuality — — but this one ["Barry Munday"] is really out there; you even do a striptease at one point. Was that unusual for you?
• • Chloë Sevigny: No, I kind of like that stuff. I am a Scorpio, and playing the seductress appeals to me. There are a lot of women throughout film history, like Mae West or Marlene Dietrich
— — those are the women I was always attracted to. The bad girls. I felt like this character was a little bit of a bad girl. ...
• • Wonder how the 35-year-old East Coaster would be in the leading role of "Courting Mae West"? Can you see it, dear readers?

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  1. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Mae West was once asked how long she had known Errol Flynn. She replied "Ten inches".