Friday, March 12, 2010

Mae West: Bay Area Exhibit

Did you ever wish to peep into MAE WEST's bedroom? One painter did and his work is on view in San Francisco starting today until 27 March 2010.
• • Baer Ridgeway Exhibition’s "Paper! Awesome!" is an unusual array of over 300 works by 100 artists — — unlimited by creativity and yet confined to a very portable canvas: an 8 inch by 11 inch sheet of paper.
• • In this mini-museum setting, attendees will see D.L. Alvarez’s “Mae West,” an intriguing glimpse into a beautifully rendered bedroom enhanced by an enigmatic perspective. Alvarez has filling one third of his paper with solid black, cutting off the bed and leaving the audience's view incomplete — — as the onlooker's view of Mae West herself would have been incomplete. This sense of voyeurism is enhanced by the two holes cut into the paper, like two eyeholes through which you might secretly spy on the movie queen's nocturnal rituals and intimate actions within.
• • Born in 1965, American artist D.L. Alvarez, who has shown across Europe and the USA, and whose works are displayed at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, moved to Berlin from New York in 1999.
• • The works on display during the next two weeks are not limited to pen or pencil. Attempting to experiment with media and confronting small-scale challenges, some of these artists have used acrylic, collage, watercolor, enamel, gouache, and even strong coffee in these 8 X 11 pieces.
• • WHERE: On view through 27 March 2010 and FREE at Baer Ridgeway Exhibitions: 172 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA 94105; Tel: 415-777-1366.
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