Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mae West: Outstripping

Earlier this month, determined Mae-mavens pursued a vintage MAE WEST promo — — and bid it up well beyond the original estimate. Outstripping the guessers, well! Here are the auction results.
• • According to the helpful folks at Urban Art and Antiques: One of the great surprises of the auction [that took place in late March 2010] came in the form of a Paramount 1933 Style A one sheet for the pre-Code classic "She Done Him Wrong," one of Mae West’s most famous films, based on a play the famous vamp wrote herself. Mae West’s performance as Lady Lou remains, to this day, a virtuoso accomplishment of wit and innuendo that garnered the film an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture, as well as devotion from fans more than 75 years after its release. The poster, which came into the auction with a $7,000 estimate, rapidly outpaced that prediction and, with several determined bidders, rose to nearly three times that amount to finally find a new home at $19,120.
• • Grey Smith, Director of Movie Posters at Heritage Auctions, had a lot to be happy about.

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