Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mae West: Fun with Fundraising

Hollywood was the theme, California coeds won the benefits, and MAE WEST presided over this jolly luncheon — — smiling at tablemates Hedda and Louella.
• • Tinseltown, the land of supreme fakery, inspired a local group of PEN Women, who organized a fundraiser full of vintage Hollywood fun in order to rake in enough funds to provide scholarships for female college students in the arts.
• • According to the Saratoga Sampler written by Mary Ann Cook for Saratoga News [on 15 March 2010]: The room was rife with impersonations. Carol Greene played Carole Burnett, with a puppet helper; Edie Matthews took on Mae West; Audry Lynch played Hedda Hopper, regal in fur coat and sunglasses. Mary Lou Taylor read a poem from her book, On the Fringes of Hollywood. Louise Webb was decked out as Louella Parsons in fur coat and hat.
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