Friday, October 16, 2009

Mae West: Sign Language

At the beginning of "She Done Him Wrong," MAE WEST tells a passerby that Lady Lou is the finest woman to walk the streets.
• • Pedestrians in Canada got an eyeful of entertainment last week when they espied a sign attributed to the Queen of the Bowery.
• • According to our intrepid Mae-maven in British Columbia, Mark Desjardins reports: Last week while I was walking on Granville Street — — which was ripped up for two years in preparation for the underground transit system to the airport in anticipation for the 2010 Winter Games to be held here — — I spotted this sign. The Templeton Cafe [in Vancouver] is one of those retro diners with a 1950s vibe and every day they change the sign outside the restaurant. Imagine my surprise when I read their thought for the day, by none other than our favorite Blonde Bombshell!
• • Mr. Desjardins kindly submitted this photo to the MAE WEST BLOG, giving no permission to anyone else to reprint it, so mind yer manners.
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• • Photo: • • Mae West sign • • courtesy of Mark Desjardins • •
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