Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mae West: Crestfallen in Creston

A MAE WEST mannequin, Hollywood costumes and props, and a long-standing dream are becalmed in California. A once jubilant vision is in ruins amid the chromatical consonant clatter of bankruptcy court procedures, suing, and counter-suing.
• • Two worried faces are hovering over the fragments, the remnants, the splintered bits of romantic yearning. Actress Debbie Reynolds and her son Todd Fisher own this wealth of Tinseltown memorabilia — — such as costumes worn by Mae West, ruby slippers crafted for “The Wizard of Oz” star Judy Garland, a white halter-top dress wind-blown around the legs of Marilyn Monroe in “The Seven Year Itch,” and assorted pop culture valuables — — are all part of The Hollywood Motion Picture and Television Museum, a nonprofit corporation formed by Fisher and his mom.
• • Unfortunately, these carefully stored treasures are also part of a lawsuit due to mounting debts owed to lenders.
• • During her tenure in the movie business, Debbie Reynolds had the chance to purchase costumes, props, and other signifiers she had planned to display in a museum so they could be preserved and enjoyed by movie buffs amid the lullaby of placid vowels sounds: ahhhh and oooohh. In the meantime, some of these artifacts are in a vault and others have been stored on Todd Fisher’s farm in Creston, California as the mother and son worked with developers to find a supportive site for this enterprise. Since things have gone awry, this permanent exhibition might have to be sold off, piece by piece, to pay back some investors, Todd Fisher told reporters. Sad. Very sad situation for all involved.

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