Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mae West: Vamping in Vancouver

British Columbians will be entertained this month by a versatile impressionist who brings MAE WEST to life — — along with 13 other celebrities.
• • Styling herself as the "mistress of 1,000 divas," Bonnie Kilroe promises to be "a farce to be reckoned with."
• • In her one-woman revue, "Vegas Meets Vaudeville," she sings, glams up, and sautees a fresh dish in the guise of the red-blooded Brooklyn bombshell, zany redhead Lucille Ball, sultry Marilyn Monroe, songbird Streisand, drug-addled Amy Winehouse, and others.
• • "At last," one admirer noted, "a female impersonator who is actually female!"
• • Bonnie Kilroe (along with her Mae West boa and strut) will commandeer the spotlight on Sunday afternoon 25 October 2009, entertaining Canada's Cloverdale Legion [17567 57th Avenue] in B.C. Vancouver's vamp has also been seen at the Vancouver Comedy Festival and other venues.
• • Each time you sigh at yet another product being outsourced, give a thought to clever North American comediennes who continue to create a domestically produced product that does some good. Laughter is still the best medicine.

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