Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mae West: Slow Sex, No Texting

A quote from MAE WEST often turns up in a newspaper column — — tempting the eye towards content that may be humorous (or not).
• • In the service of resurrecting his four-year-old nonfiction book "In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed" [a HarperOne release way back in September 2005], Canadian journalist Carl Honore reminded Huff-Post readers that the Empress of Sex once said: "Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly."
• • Then swerving carefully away from sounding too sultry, this former speedaholic adds: All of this is part of a broader Slow revolution. Everywhere, people are discovering that doing things more slowly often means doing them better and enjoying them more. It means living life instead of rushing through it. You can apply this to everything from food to parenting to work. But sex is a nice place to start. Even when we stop watching and start doing, we struggle to give sex our full attention. Surveys suggest that a fifth of us now interrupt lovemaking to read an email, take a call or fire off a tweet. Even Paris Hilton, that great cultural icon du jour, reached for the cell in her notorious sex video. ...
• • Like a vampire locked in a confessional, this Catholic paterfamilias feels the twitch of ambivalence, wishing to make it seem he's the type of red-blooded adventurer with enough hot bedroom boosting pointers in his book that would seduce you to buy it — — when, in fact, his chapters have more in common with Thoreau than Masters & Johnson. Nothing wrong with dapple-dawn-drawn prose but it ain't like picking up Lolita, is it?
• • Hey, nice try, Honore.
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