Friday, November 21, 2008

Mae West: Who's Who

Who's Who, that venerable volume established in 1899 and updated once a year, celebrated its 110th birthday with a toast to MAE WEST.
• • Their boring press release is far too tedious and self-congratulatory to be reprinted here in its entirety — — but the gist is that their editors "compiled a collection of facts, letters, and other interesting documents providing a fascinating view of the history and cultural impact of Who's Who in America(R)" — — to give added value to the 2009 edition.
• • Looking back on its own historical quip-cream and snippets for the past century, their commemorative edition documents the flattery they received from noteworthy individuals.
• • According to the publisher, "This historical retrospective, appearing as a 16-page color section in the front of the new edition, includes: advertisements and published cartoons featuring Who's Who in America(R), such as a Cuban cigar advertisement from 1955, Beetle Bailey, and Doonesbury; quotes about the book from such famous Americans as Mae West; a letter to the editor from former President Harry Truman, as well as one from magician Harry Houdini; and editorial reviews of the first edition from 1899. Also included are biographies of interesting, one-time listees William "Buffalo Bill" Cody, explorer Hiram Bingham, and the author of The King and I, Anna Leonowens. ...

• • Come up and see Mae every day online:

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Mae West.

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