Saturday, November 08, 2008

Mae West: Nuptial Miss

Did the Brooklyn bombshell sigh each year on November 9th? MAE WEST and Italian-born accordionist Guido Deiro made beautiful music together for some years in variety. Her marriage to the Mediterranean keyboard king was one of the few secrets Mae kept from her mother Matilda. And even though her mom had died in 1930, when Mae West penned her autobiography in 1959, she covertly referred to her [deceased] former husband as "Mr. D."
• • When Mae and Guido went their separate ways in vaudeville, the Brooklyn bombshell wound up on a much lower tier of bookings.
• • On 14 July 1920, Mae West quietly filed for a divorce from Guido Deiro charging him with abandonment. Having moved back to her parents' house in Queens County, Mae filed her petition at the stately courthouse in Jamaica, Queens.
• • When their divorce became final on 9 November 1920, Guido quickly wed his third wife.
• • Mae West was so daunted by this marriage (and the way sexy, emotionally-charged Guido affected her equilibrium), that she did not walk down the aisle again.
• • Deiro came up to see Mae in Hollywood when he was down on his luck and she was a millionaire. He had a bulge in his pocket: a manuscript about their intimate life together. To quiet the storm, Mae exchanged a big check for this packet of pages, and no one saw this memoir again.
• • On 26 July 1950 Guido Deiro, age 63, died after a long illness.
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• • Mae West • • 1914
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Mae West.

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