Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mae West: Bridal Path

The Canadian lady adores MAE WEST and Hallowe'en so, when her boyfriend of 14 years popped the question, the newly-weds decided to tie the knot on October 31st and the bride got her wish to be Mae for one day.
• • Marty Mallaley, 60, and Grant Donaldson, 63, invited their guests to also come in costume.
• • To perform this marriage on Halloween night, their attorney Jan Phillips officiated dressed as a love drop. A darkened, fog-filled hallway led to the ceremony. Decorations included a six-foot coffin with a vampire bride in traditional white dress.
• • And 50 family members and friends gathered at the Fairvale Outing Association to see the wedding party, costumed as characters either from their favorite era or their favorite film.
• • The groom was a swashbuckling Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.
• • The bride's sister Sharol LeBlanc, the maid of honor, was a 1920s flapper.
• • Mallaley's brother, Nolan, who was the best man, was dressed as Al Capone.
• • The bride channeled Diamond Lil herself by selecting a flamboyant black velvet, form-fitting skirt, a black velvet bustier with silver trim, and a huge black hat with feathers, covering a blond wig.
• • Marty Mallaley usually decorates her East Saint John home an entire month before the 31st. Now she will be celebrating her wedding anniversary on her favorite holiday and, on her mantel, the wedding portrait will show everyone that when Marty wanted to be the Brooklyn bombshell for a few hours, she did it right.
Source for this information:
• • Bruce Bartlett of the Telegraph-Journal
• • Photo credit: Cindy Wilson of the Telegraph-Journal
• • Telegraph-Journal
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Mae West.

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