Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mae West: Who Knew

How many knew that Harvey Francis Thew worked on a famous screenplay with MAE WEST?
• • Born in Missouri on 4 July 1883, writer Harvey F. Thew collaborated with Mae West, and screenwriter John Bright, and Lowell Sherman in 1932 on the film version of the bombshell's best-known stage play "Diamond Lil." For Paramount Pictures, Mae turned it into a script with the aid of Harvey Thew.
• • The studio released "She Done Him Wrong" on 9 February 1933. What a Valentine!
• • A screenwriter since 1916, Harvey Thew actually spent most of his movie career at Warner Brothers Pictures. One of his in-laws was John Barrymore (which did not hurt his career at all).

• • His career highlights — — "She Done Him Wrong," "Sinner's Holiday," "The Public Enemy."

• • At the age of 63, Harvey F. Thew died in Los Angeles on 6 November 1946.
• • Come up and see Mae every day online:

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• • Mae West • • 1933
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Mae West.

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