Friday, December 17, 2010

Mae West: Santa Stand-Off

MAE WEST released her share of LPs and did not shy away from cutting a Christmas groove, something every celebrity has done from Elvis to Mariah Carey to Bob Dylan to Johnny Mathis to Bing Crosby to Eartha Kitt. Musician Bob Stanley identified ten main ingredients for a holiday hit. His section "Add sauce" mentioned the Brooklyn bombshell's plum.
• • Bob Stanley writes: Even Sir Cliff [Richards] recommends mistletoe and wine; put them together and you have the ingredients for lewd behaviour. Eartha Kitt set the bar high with Santa Baby in 1954, but Ella Fitzgerald had already cut the unbroadcastable Santa Claus Got Stuck in My Chimney ("when he came last year" — — would you believe) in 1950. Santa, Come Up To See Me [on the album "Wild Christmas" in 1966] might be a predictable Mae West festive title but the song is anything but. Over a folk-rock backing, the ageing Mae West breaks into an eerie prediction of Kate Bush's December Will Be Magic Again, before subsiding into double entendres. . . .
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• • Article: "Bob Stanley's guide to writing the perfect Christmas hit"
• • By: Bob Stanley [Bob Stanley is a member of Saint Etienne, whose Christmas album A Glimpse of Stocking is desperately seeking buyers]
• • Published by: The Guardian [Great Britain] — —
• • Published on: 16 December 2010

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