Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Mae West: Songman Sam

One songwriter provided MAE WEST with jazzy cinema numbers — — and several are still memorable. Though he worked in California for years, Sam Coslow was born on the East Coast in the month of December — — on December 7th.
• • Preparing for the release of her latest movie "Every Day's a Holiday" in 1937, Mae was busy rehearsing and taping Sam Coslow's number "Mademoiselle Fifi." The song was recorded during October 1937 with "Chorus and Paramount Studio." Wielding the baton was LeRoy Prinz.
• • A native New Yorker like Mae, Sam Coslow [7 December 1902 2 April 1982] — — was educated at Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn — — and became an Oscar-winning producer and songwriter. In 1928 he formed the music publishing company Spier and Coslow in The Big Apple, where he often wrote show tunes.
• • He wrote several songs for Mae West's motion pictures. These include "My Old Flame," "Troubled Waters," and "When a St. Louis Woman Comes Down to New Orleans" for "Belle of the Nineties"; "Now I'm a Lady" for "Goin' to Town"; and "Mademoiselle Fifi" for "Every Day's a Holiday."
• • Orchestra conductor LeRoy Prinz [1895 — 1983] first found work as a dance director on Broadway. Relocating to California, Prinz worked for Paramount Pictures (1933 1941) and Warner Brothers (1942 1957) among others.
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