Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mae West: Gray Ending

MAE WEST staked her claim on the shimmy-shewabble. But so did Gilda Gray, who was lithe, lean, and long-legged — — and inclined to shake her chemise.
• • Gilda Gray [24 October 1901 — 22 December 1959] was a Polish born American actress and dancer who became famous in the US for popularizing a dance called the "shimmy" which became fashionable in 1920s motion pictures and theatrical productions.
• • In 1931 the highly paid golden girl suffered her first heart attack perhaps due to the turmoil surrounding financial reverses after the Wall Street crash and messy romantic entanglements.
• • By the time of her death at the age of 58 from a second heart attack — — on 22 December 1959
— — Gilda Gray was once again in financial trouble and dire straits. The Motion Picture Relief Fund paid for her funeral.
• • December 22nd • •
• • Actor James B. Carson [1884 — 1958] worked with Mae West in "Vera Violetta," which opened on 20 November 1911 at the Winter Garden Theatre. The Broadway veteran was cast as Professor Otto von Gruenberg. It was in the month of December — — on 22 December 1884 — — that Carson was born in Missouri. He was active on The Great White Way from 1908 — 1928.
• • "Vera Violetta," offered in repertory with "Undine," remained at the Winter Garden Theatre through the Christmas holidays, closing on 24 February 1912.
• • After the clash with Gaby Deslys, Mae West's part as Miss Angelique from the Opera Comique was awarded to Kathleen Clifford, who also worked with Mae on Broadway in "A Winsome Widow" [April — September 1912]. Since the enchanting Miss Clifford has an interesting bio and she died on December 28th, her tribute will be coming up next week.

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