Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mae West: Dewey in the Derby

Wearing a derby, he took the role of Spider Kane and had some scenes with Lady Lou played by MAE WEST.
• • Born in New Haven Connecticut on 17 August 1898, Dewey Robinson was solidly booked as a character actor for several decades. He looked right at home in Gus Jordan's Bowery saloon in She Done Him Wrong [filmed in 1932 when Dewey was 34].
• • According to movie maven Hal Erickson: Barrel-chested American actor Dewey Robinson was much in demand during the gangster cycle of the early '30s. Few actors could convey muscular menace and mental vacuity as quickly and as well as the mountainous Mr. Robinson. Most of his roles were bits, but he was given extended screen time as a polo-playing mobster in Edward G. Robinson's Little Giant (1933), as a bored slavemaster in the outrageously erotic "No More Love" number in Eddie Cantor's Roman Scandals (1933), and as a plug-ugly ward heeler at odds with beauty contest judge Ben Turpin in the slapstick 2-reeler Keystone Hotel (1935).
• • Dewey Robinson died in Las Vegas, Nevada in the month of December — — on 11 December 1950. A fatal myocardial infarction finished him off. The cinema veteran was 52 years old.
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• • New York Magazine pondered the age-old question: Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ Best?
• • New York Magazine polled readers: Last night's Glee delivered a comfy megadose of Christmas spirit: Brittany still believes in Santa Claus! Sue is the Grinch! Gift of the Magi! (Okay, that one wasn't so comfy.) And coziest of all, Kurt and Blaine's standout version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside." But was the pair's rendition of this classic duet better than Rock Hudson and Mae West, Selma Blair and Rainn Wilson, hand puppets, and more? (Only actual videos were held in consideration. Sorry Bing, Dean, Rod.)
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