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Mae West: Marlene and Milan

When MAE WEST was starring in "My Little Chickadee," a comedy set in the old West, Universal Pictures was also producing a Western-themed musical comedy "Destry Rides Again" [which debuted in New York on 30 November 1939]. Though the title would seem to be weighted in the direction of two actors — — James Stewart in the title role as Tom Destry, Jr. and Charles Winninger as his deputy Washington Dimsdale — — Dietrich owns the movie. This vehicle became a career reviving performance for the fishnet stockinged bar singer Frenchie, sexy and memorable despite wearing a hideous wig.
• • Born in Germany in the month of December — — on 27 December 1901 — — Marlene Dietrich was an actress and a singer who knew Mae West when they were both stars at Paramount Pictures.
• • Here are Mae West and Marlene Dietrich on the set of "My Little Chickadee" in 1939. Dietrich is in her Frenchie costume and Mae is made up as Flower Belle Lee.
• • Mae-mavens will also remember former vaudevillian Charles Winninger as Van Reighle Van Pelter Van Doon in his 1937 featured role in "Every Day's a Holiday" starring Mae West.
• • Mae West & Salvador Dalì Back in Milan • •
• • Salvador Dalì is back in Milan, Italy for the first time since the solo exhibition which took place in October 1954 in Sala delle Cariatidi — — always at Palazzo Reale. This same Cariatidi’s room was so inspiring for this artist that he took it as model for his mansion in Figueras, today seat of the Fundaciò Gala-Salvador Dalì.
• • “Once again, we need Dalì to escape from an often boring and predictable condition. And this exhibition aims exactly to break the cultural conformism and express the great power of creativity at best," explains the Milan City Councillor for Culture Massimiliano Finazzer Flory. . . .
• • The set of the exhibition is designed by the architect Oscar Tusquests Blanca, friend and collaboration of Salvador Dalì: he is author, together with the master of Surrealism, of Mae West’s room in Figueras’s museum and of the famous sofa Dalilips.
• • For the first time, the Mae West room will be reproduced inside this exhibition exactly as Dalì originally imagined it: an extraordinary surprisingly installation of contemporary art. . . .
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• • Article: "Salvador Dalí Exhibition in Milan has Welcomed More than 222,000 Visitors in Two Months"
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