Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Mae West: Leslie Took a Powder

Just when you thought you could name each and every motion picture starring MAE WEST comes an obituary for an actor that names a film you never heard of — — or have you?
• • According to Simon Foster's obit for actor Leslie Nielsen: A strapping, athletic young man, his natural talent as ‘anchor’ on his frat house’s cheer-squad pyramid led to a career in acting, initially as a means by which to scam insurance claims but ultimately as a stand-out member of the North Dakotan comedy troupe, ‘The Rarely Scene Players.' [So far so good.]
• • Leslie Nielsen as a "powder boy" in a Mae West movie? • •
• • Then Simon Foster adds this twist: Graduating from backstage giggler during the company’s acclaimed all-nude version of ‘South Pacific,’ Leslie Nielsen was soon basking in leading-man glory as Willy Loman in the ensemble’s staging of an all-nude ‘Death of a Salesman.’ Hollywood beckoned, though nude roles proved elusive, and Leslie Nielsen was forced to take thankless parts in little-seen films (‘Bus driver’ in Stan Laurel’s "I’ve Paid My Fare"; ‘Powder boy’ in Mae West’s "It’s Still Shiny!"). ...
• • Maybe Foster was kidding when he wrote "RIP Leslie Nielsen" on 29 November 2010. You can reach Simon Foster at SBS Television in Australia [Address: 14 Herbert Street, Artarmon NSW 2064].

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