Friday, November 05, 2010

Mae West: Texas Farewell

Mae West lost her friend Texas Guinan, queen of the night clubs, on 5 November 1933. Her death was sudden but, in a way, Texas was always a fast girl. Chatting with reporter Sidney Skolsky in 1928, Texas Guinan had insisted, "I want my funeral to be the speediest ever given. A cop on a motorcycle is to lead it."
• • Tommy Guinan went to Vancouver to sign the papers and accompany his sister home.
• • Twelve thousand turned out for a final viewing. Show business buddies filled Frank Campbell's Funeral Chapel in New York with flowers. Movie cameras recorded it all.
• •
The New York Herald Tribune noted: "She was a master showman, and accomplished psychologist. . . . She had ability, too - - and would have been successful in any one of a dozen more conventional fields. To New York and the rest of the country Texas was a flaming leader of a period which was a lot of fun while it lasted. . . ."
• • Texas Guinan often said: "I would rather have a square inch of New York than all the rest of the world."
Non omnis moriar.
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