Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mae West: News Items

MAE WEST, often in the news during her lifetime, continues to be part of the public discourse.
• • "Diabetics who changed the course of history" (a feature published by Catholic Online) offered this intriguing though awkwardly phrased sentence: "In the world of show business, comedian Jack Benny, actress Halle Berry, actor and diabetic spokesman Wilford Brimley, actress Delta Burke, movie tough guy James Cagney, comedian Drew Carey, actress Nell Carter, Broadway regular Carol Channing, perennial teenager Dick Clark of "American Bandstand," movie icon Mae West all had or live with diabetes.
• • This took place on 12 November 2010 in California — — The City Commons Club of Berkeley offered a program on Mae West at their Friday Luncheon on November 12th. Jennifer King spoke about "Mae West, America's Actress, Dancer, and Entertainer Extraordinaire" in the Venetian Room of the lovely Julia Morgan City Club, 2315 Durant Avenue.
• • This took place on 12 November 2010 in Illinois — — "Hollywood Revisited," a show including movieland's icons such as Mae West and Marilyn Monroe, was brought to the Masonic Temple stage by Greg Schreiner, an Orangeville native, now living in Los Angeles. The glitz and glamour of Hollywood was presented at 7:30pm in Freeport, Illinois on November 12th.

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Mae West.

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