Monday, November 22, 2010

Mae West: Annual Remembrance

At age 87, MAE WEST suffered a series of strokes which finally resulted in her death on 22 November 1980 in Hollywood, California.
• • The actress took her final breaths quietly in her Hollywood apartment (Ravenswood). Private services [conducted by Dr. Lloyd Ogilvie and attended by about 100 close friends and family] were held in the Old North Church at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills.
• • Her eulogy, written by Kevin Thomas and delivered by producer Ross Hunter, concluded: “Mae West always said that no one was ever to feel sorry for her, and she would not want anyone to start now. Mae West figured that in one way or another she would live forever. And she probably will.”
• • Entombment was in the West family mausoleum at Cypress Hills Abbey in Brooklyn, New York.
• • Cause of death: Complications from stroke
• • Burial: Cypress Hills Cemetery
• • Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, USA
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Mae West.

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  1. marknorthwest1:31 AM

    On the soundtrack of the film Burlesque, "(I Like) A Guy What Takes His Time" sung by Christina Aguilera conjures up Mae West who is identified with this classic. Mae originally performed the song in her film She Done Him Wrong. Her vocal performance was heavily censored in the film and the song was released on Brunswick Records in 1933.
    Silent film actress Mary Pickford took exception to the song and told Lewis Jacobs in "The Rise of the American Film" that she was scandalized when she passed by the bedroom door of her seventeen-year-old neice and heard her singing bits of the song. A red-faced Pickford told Jacobs she couldn't even bring herself to repeat the song's title. "I say 'that song' because I blush to quote the title."
    Mae West died November 22, 1980, exactly 30 years ago and I am sure her spirit is reveling in the fact that her signature song is being revived.