Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mae West: Maids in Motion

MAE WEST may have preferred to forget her last fading silver screen beams in "Sextette," which opened in 1978.
• • True-hearted Mae-mavens know that, in her earliest years of being cast in productions, Mae often played an Irish maid. Surrounded in childhood by Irish relatives, Mae became an expert mimic and enjoyed being applauded for her ability to imitate several different shadings of Irish accents. However, to pole vault herself over the wall of that low comedienne ghetto, Mae knew she had to write her own scripts. Not every actress can convince a Hollywood studio boss, however, that she was not made to be a maid forever.
• • Born as Marie Alice Pradel in Paris in the month of November — — on 14 November 1902 — — the French voice actress Alyce Ardell lent her sexy accents to several intriguing cartoons as well as shorts and many motion pictures in which she was often cast, mais oui, as a French maid from 1925 — 1939.
• • When she worked with Mae West in "Go West, Young Man" [1936] she portrayed Jeanette, a French maid. She retired early from the cinema, perhaps out of frustration.
• • Alyce Ardell died at age 95 in Laguna Hills, California on 3 March 1996.
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