Friday, September 10, 2010

Mae West: Shocking Elsa

MAE WEST worked with two people who celebrated a birthday on September 10th.
• • Born in Rome, Elsa Schiaparelli [10 September 1890? — 13 November 1973] was an influential fashion designer of Italian and Egyptian heritage. Along with Coco Chanel, she dominated fashion between the two World Wars.
• • Elsa Schiaparelli opened her first salon, "stupidir le Sport," in 1927; the focus was on sportswear and athletic attire. In 1935 Schiaparelli moved to a salon overlooking the Place Vendôme in Paris.
• • In addition to apparel, Schiaparelli designed a number of perfumes. The first and best known — — Shocking — — was created in 1936. Shocking is famous less for the fragrance itself than for its packaging: inside a shocking pink box, the bottle was shaped like a woman's torso — — and based on the curvaceous body of one of Schiaparelli's clients, film star Mae West. For Mae West, Schiaparelli designed costumes for the film "Every Day's a Holiday."
• • Released in 1938, "Every Day’s a Holiday" was Mae's most expensive film to date. Its lavish recreation of 1890s New York was the setting for Mae's character — — charming blonde con artist Peaches O’Day — — who sells the Brooklyn Bridge to the gullible. After an enforced departure, Peaches O'Day returns disguised as a chic brunette Mademoiselle Fifi, draped in splendid Schiaparelli gowns.
• • In September, Let's Remember Paul Harvey • •
• • Versatile actor Paul Harvey hailed from Sandwich, Illinois where he was born during the month of September — — on 10 September 1882. The dapper six-foot-two leading man enjoyed success on Broadway, creating several memorable roles from 1916 — 1933. When he went out to Hollywood, he was cast in nearly 180 motion pictures. Fans will remember him as Donovan in "Goin' to Town" [1935].
• • Paul Harvey died at age 73 due to a coronary thrombosis on 5 December 1955 in Los Angeles, California.

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