Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mae West: Nelson Sardelli

A former lover of Jayne Mansfield was featured in one motion picture with MAE WEST.
• • Born in Brazil, Nelson Sardelli celebrates his birthday in the month of September — — on 20 September 1934. The tall (well, 5' 11"), dark, and handsome son of Italian immigrants, who had settled in South America, has said that his father was a major role model. Sardelli pere worked as a policeman for several years before entering the field of law. This vocational calling of his parent somehow ignited his son's desire to amass an enormous trove of police paraphernalia. Not only does he collect firearms but he also picked up the little known accomplishment of "gun twirling," which he shows off during appearances in Vegas and Atlantic City.
• • From 1982 — 1963, Sardelli had only has three motion pictures to his credit. He was cast in the role of Mario in "Myra Breckinridge" [released on 24 June 1970].
• • His official web site boasts that Nelson Sardelli is not a television or recording artist who "fills in" at night clubs between TV and recording jobs. He is among the few entertainers who CHOSE a career as a night club performer and though he "fills in" with TV and movie appearances, he is truly in his element before a live audience.
• • May he have a large number of the living to help him blow out all 76 candles
such as the now famous daughter he had with Jayne Mansfield when they were a hot couple in 1963.
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Mae West.

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