Thursday, September 09, 2010

Mae West: Emanuel and Eddie

Two men linked to "Go West Young Man," starring MAE WEST, share a date in September.
• • Born in Hartford, Connecticut on 5 August 1892, Emanuel Cohen finished high school in the Constitution State, then set out for Manhattan where he graduated from the College of the City of New York in 1912.
• • Ambitious and eager to make his way in the world, Cohen smoothly skated from journalism work to a prime editorial position with Pathe News, eventually winding up at the helm of Pathe’s popular newsreel division. In 1926 Cohen was lured away to Paramount Pictures, where he headed their very active short subjects department.
• • A few years later, Paramount — — deep in the red from a streak of money-losing flops — — promoted Cohen, putting him in charge of production for their motion pictures. Clever Cohen had the skill to turn the company around; by 1935, the studio was once more profitable. Ironically, Paramount then fired this rainmaker. Go figure.
• • Emanuel Cohen formed his own production company in partnership with the studio, and his unit turned out several Mae West films, as well as Bing Crosby musicals.
• • "Go West Young Man" [released on 18 November 1936] was produced by Emanuel Cohen; Adolph Zukor was executive producer.
• • At age 85, Emanuel Cohen died in New York City in the month of September — — on 9 September 1977.
• • Unlike Cohen, Eddie Fetherston had no journalistic background whatsoever. In "Go West Young Man" he played a reporter. Curiously, he must have looked like a newsroom employee to the casting agents who hired him to portray either a wise-cracking journalist, a photographer, or a newspaper staffer in dozens of motion pictures.
• • Born in Brooklyn, NY in the month of September — — on 9 September 1896 — — Eddie Fetherston had launched his career as a vaudeville comedian. The character actor appeared (albeit briefly) in numerous shorts and movies directed by Frank Capra, La Cava, McLeod, John Ford, etc.
• • On 12 June 1965, Eddie Fetherston had a fatal heart attack at his home in Yucca Valley, California.

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