Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mae West: Seance in Massachusetts

MAE WEST and Texas Guinan held several séances in Manhattan.
• • “What started as a prank by two young sisters soon grew into a worldwide controversy that attracted the attention of Mae West, William James, Queen Victoria, Harry Houdini, and others,” explained Rory Raven. “This presentation in the Merrimack River Valley area traces the history of talking to the dead and offers some re-creations of what happened in the Victorian séance room.”
• • On Wednesday, 6 October 2010, at 6:30 PM, join Rory Raven — — mentalist and mindbreaker — — as he explores the history of séances. "Mindbreaker" — — hmmmm, is that supposed to be a good thing?
• • Every Wednesday night during October this year, the Tewksbury Public Library in New England will be hosting a Halloween-inspired adult event that promises to both scare and fascinate audiences. This four-part series — — called “Fright Nights” — — is full of tricks and treats. If you are not a mentalist like Mae West, then just pick up the phone and dial the librarians at 978-640-4490 ext. 207.
• • In September, Let's Remember . . . • •
• • Fitzroy Davis wrote the least favorite of Mae West's motion pictures "The Heat's On" [1943]. The actor-singer-novelist was born on 27 February 1912. During the 1960s, Fitzroy Davis penned articles for gay publications using the pen name Hadrian. Davis died in Putnam, Connecticut during the month of September — — on 30 September 1980 — — at age 68.
• • ,Born in Chicago on 16 February 1903, Edgar Bergen was an American actor and radio performer best known as a ventriloquist.
• • Mae West did a sketch on his radio program, a show aired on 12 December 1937, that resulted in her fifteen-year broadcasting ban.
• • At age 75, and during his farewell tour, Edgar Bergen died in his sleep in Las Vegas, Nevada during the month of September — — on 30 September 1978 — — of kidney disease.
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