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Mae West: William Augustin

MAE WEST wrote "Pleasure Man," a short-lived show that the police closed down in 1928.  One cast member was William Augustin who took the part of Steve McAllister.
• • Born in South Boston, Massachusetts in the month of June — — on 3 June 1891 — — William Augustin Flaherty felt he had the flair for the stage. After serving in World War I, he performed in stock companies and thrice on Broadway. 
• • He had a minor role in Eugene O'Neill's moody waterfront drama "Anna Christie," which was staged at the Vanderbilt Theatre [November 1921 — April 1922], won a Pulitzer, and inspired Mae's character Margy LaMont, a prostitute determined not to suffer. Augustin played a baron in "He Understood Women" {August 1928 — September 1928], and then immediately began rehearsals for "Pleasure Man."
• • Heading to Hollywood in 1933, he found work in a dozen feature films as a bit parts player.  His familiarity with Irish accents landed him the role of O'Hara, Irish Detective in "Coming-Out Party" [1934]; three individuals in this vehicle also worked with Mae West:  Alison Skipworth, Gilbert Emery, and Marjorie Gateson. In "The Avenger" [1933] he worked with Arthur Vinton, who had co-starred in "Babe Gordon" with Mae West.
• • Between 1933 — 1934, William Augustin was cast as a detective, traffic cop, warden, butler, and coroner. His career ended abruptly with a deadly car crash in Richmond, Indiana.  He had been driving east to visit his family with his sister (who was injured but survived).  William Augustin died on 19 July 1934.  He was 43.  So sad.
• • Tony Curtis [3 June 1925 — 29 September 2010] • •
• • Tony Curtis was in a motion picture with fellow New Yorker Mae West.
• • If you saw "Sextette," perhaps you remember the scene when newly wed Marlo Manners (now Lady Barrington) and her groom Sir Michael Barrington finally are snug inside their hotel suite. However, the lovebirds are unable to go beddy-bye and celebrate their marital bliss because of noisome botherations such as ex-husbands and admirers.
• • Apparently, the vast enrollment of membership in the Marlo Manners Fan Club includes: diplomat Alexei Andreyev Karansky (Tony Curtis), director Laslo Karolny (Ringo Starr), gangster Vance Norton (George Hamilton), and an entire athletic team from the USA, all of whom desire to make whoopie with Marlo. And, after all, Mae West once did tell an interviewer she had a special interest in foreign affairs.
• • Born during the month of June — — on 3 June 1925 — — the Bronx native started out in life with the name Bernard Schwartz. He had very little formal education. The five-foot-nine leading man enjoyed blabbing about his role as Alexei Andreyev Karansky and Mae's difficulties on the set.
• • But Bernie Schwartz (i.e., Tony the C.) is no longer spreading rumors. He's pushing up daisies.  The actor died in Henderson, Las Vegas, Nevada on 29 September 2010.  He was 85.
• • On Friday, 3 June 1911 in The Clipper • •
• • The New York Clipper (a.k.a. The Clipper) was a weekly entertainment newspaper published in New York City from 1853 to 1924.  It reviewed many forms of artistic endeavor from the circus to vaudeville to the legit. Two items in The Clipper, on 3 June 1911 and on 2 September 1911, covered "A Florida Enchantment." This touring show featured "a little French adventuress" played by Mae West and "young Goldberg" played by Frank Wallace, who became her husband in April 1911. The Clipper applauded their "coon shouting."  Mae sang a number "Tiger Love," backed by a burlesque chorus and also delighted the reviewer when she made "several changes down to full tights with good effect."  Woo-woo..
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "I didn't start out to collect diamonds, but somehow they just kept piling up."  
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article on bodybuilders mentioned Mae West.
• • Santa Monica columnist Jack Neworth writes: In Ric Drasin's life, he befriended Joe Gold (founder Gold's Gym), actress Mae West (appeared in "Sextette" her last movie in 1978), and our former Governor (and current pariah) Arnold Schwarzenegger, with whom Ric worked out daily from 1970 through 1974. ...
• • Source: Article: "He knew Arnold when" written by Jack Neworth, Santa Monica Daily Press; posted on 3 June 2011
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