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Mae West: Harold Hecht

MAE WEST starred in "She Done Him Wrong" [1933] and the choreography was handled by Harold Hecht.
• • Born in Mae's hometown, New York City in the month of June — — on 1 June 1907 — — Harold Hecht was so fascinated by live entertainment that he got involved with the theatre while still in his teens. Hecht appeared in numerous classical stage productions and went on to dance with the companies of the Metropolitan Opera and Martha Graham.
• • During the early 1930s he became a dance director for cinema productions such as Mae West's successful motion picture set on the Bowery during the Gay Nineties.  Happy in Hollywood, he became a film producer and wound up with 25 movies to his credit.
• • After a long and versatile career, Harold Hecht died of cancer in Beverly Hills on 26 May 1985.  He was 77.
• • On Friday, 1 June 2012 • •
• • The Delvena Theatre Company will be presenting "W.C. Fields and Mae West" on Friday, 1 June  2012.  This is taking place in Wilmington, Massachusetts' Buzzell Senior Center at 1:00 o'clock midday.   
• • Monte Collins [3 December 1898 — 1 June 1951] • •
• • Mae West doted on sailors — — and several actors portrayed men in military garb in her motion pictures.
• • Born in Mae's hometown, New York City on 3 December 1898, Monte Collins, Jr. was the son of Monte Collins, Sr. [1856 — 1929], a durable silent screen actor.
• • Throughout the 1930s he appeared in secondary roles (businessmen, butlers, soldiers, salesmen, etc.) in both feature films as well as short subjects. He is seen briefly as a sailor in one of the circus scenes in "I'm No Angel." He appeared in 167 films between 1920 — 1948. Also a screenwriter, he penned original scripts or contributed gags and other material to 32 motion pictures between 1930 — 1951.
• • According to Columbia film historian Ted Okuda, Monte Collins was the Dan Aykroyd of his day — — a reliable, skilled comedian who usually assisted other stars in getting laughs, rather than driving the action by himself.
• • At the age of 52, the five-foot-ten performer altered the spelling of his first name to "Monty" as he was about to launch his TV career when, unfortunately, he suffered a fatal heart attack in 1951 in North Hollywood, California on the first day in June.
• • In June 1935 in England • •
• • Filmed at Lime Grove Studios and around the UK, "The 39 Steps"  was released in London, England in June 1935.
• • According to Film Reference: Alfred Hitchcock's use of sound and careful lighting heighten the suspense — — and humor — — of the film. Throughout the melée in the music hall during the first sequence, persistent members of the audience ask, "What causes Pip in poultry?" and "How old is Mae West?" as the crowded mise-en-scène and the fast-paced editing reinforce the confusion.  ...
• • On Tuesday, 1 June 1999 • •
• • In VHS format, the 60-minute TV movie "Intimate Portrait: Mae West" [1999] was released on Tuesday, 1 June 1999.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said: "A man can be short and dumpy and getting bald but if he has fire, women will like him."  
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • An article about being a fearless female mentioned Mae West.
• • Linda Durnell wrote: There are many women who have overcome fear and here are a few of those remarkable women:  . . . Mae West chose to be an independent woman who was comfortable with her sexuality. The political climate of the times, however, saw her open sexuality as pornographic.  ...
• • Source: Article: "Difficult Woman or Fearless?" written by Linda Durnell for Huff Post Women; published on 31 May 2012
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