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Mae West: Brawl and All

The night there was a brawl between two bodybuilders in MAE WEST's dressing room this clamor made all the papers. The reporters were ecstatic about the men's titles. "Mr. Universe" was taking a beating from "Mr. America," thanks to Mae West.
• • It happened in early June, when Mickey Hargitay was still married to Mary Birge even though he was seen canoodling with sex symbol Jayne Mansfield. This illicit romance incited a backstage feud not unlike a plot line out of Christopher Marlowe. 
• • "Mae West's Muscle Men in Fist Fight" • •
• • Washington, June 7 — Two muscular members of a night club troupe headed by Mae West got into a fight in her dressing room last night, police reported, and one of them received hospital treatment as a result.
• • Police said Mickey Hargitay, 26-year-old "Mr. Universe" filed an assault complaint against Charles Krause, 24-year-old "Mr. America. .... The fight came during a news conference, police said.  Miss West reportedly was discussing plans to replace "Mr. Universe" in her show.  Officers quoted Krause (sic) as saying he hit Hargitay when "Mr. Universe" ignored Krause's suggestions that he "stop making remarks" about Miss West. She was said to have escaped injury in the row.  . . .
• • Hargitay has been seen often with Jayne Mansfield, a New York actress. "I'm that way about Mickey because he's a sincere, sweet, lovable guy and not because he has such an outstanding physique, said Miss Mansfield, who has quite a physique herself.  Marriage is not imminent, she said, but hinted it could happen. ...
• • Source: Article: "Mae West's Muscle Men In Fist Fight" published on page 23 of The Miami News on Thursday, 7 June 1956.
• • There are other news accounts that speculate on the motives of the men in the "Mae West Revue." Frankly, I was hoping at least one article would have mentioned Mary Birge going after her two-timing husband with a wooden rolling pin.
• • James Donlan [23 July 1888 — 7 June 1938] • •
• • James Donlan appeared in one cinema classic with Mae West.
• • Born in San Francisco on 23 July 1888, James Donlan dove into the motion picture whirl during 1929 when he was 41 years old.
• • Though he sang in two motion pictures, his forte was his versatility as a character actor.
• • Between 1929 and 1938, he appeared in over 100 movies including "Belle of the Nineties" [1934], portraying Kirby, the manager of boxer Tiger Kid. He also was cast in a few comedies with the Three Stooges.
• • James Donlan died in Hollywood of a heart attack during the month of June — — on 7 June 1938 — — a month shy of his 50th birthday.
• • Dorothy Parker [22 August 1893 — 7 June 1967] • • 
• • Dorothy Parker was a writer and poet who was best known for her wisecracks, caustic wit, and a sharp eye for urban foibles. During the 1920s, she was a drama critic, a playwright, and a bon vivant.
• • Dorothy Parker had a heart attack in Manhattan and died on 7 June 1967. She was 73.
• • On Monday, 7 June 1926 in NYC • •
• • In Manhattan, on 7 June 1926, District Attorney Joab Banton announced the formation of a "play jury," volunteer citizens who would attend every play and vote on whether it met civic standards of decency.  Each jury would be made up of 12 adults. This "play jury" process came to an end after Mae West was arrested in February 1927.
• • On Saturday, 7 June 1952 • •
• • In Hollywood, on 7 June 1952, Mae West made a check payable to her secretary Larry Lee, who also provided editorial help to the actress. Christie's sold it in 1999.
• • In Her Own Words • •
• • Mae West said:  "An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises." 
• • Mae West said: "I prefer doing things behind closed doors."
• • Quote, Unquote • •
• • A reporter from the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern interviewed Mae West.
• • Oshkosh Daily Northwestern wrote: Mae West on Wednesday's battle between two of the men in her nightclub act — — "This was not the first time two men had fought over me.  No.  But not in public like this. I prefer doing things behind closed doors." ...
• • Source: Article: "Mae West in Dressing Room Brawl" written by the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern and printed on page 7; published on 8 June 1956
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